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You can create your own LovePoemsForYou Account. Owning your own Account brings several advantages: First, it gives you the opportunity to monitor (the popularity of) your submissions and comments. In particular, you can view statistics about the number of texts and comments you submitted, and how many times other visitors liked or disliked them. Second, it gives you the opportunity to earn account trophies. The more you submit, the more and better trophies you will get. Third, it gives you the opportunity to see all the poems you've liked.

How can I create my own account?
It's easy: When you submit a text, just enter a screen name and a password (in the box 'Optional: enter a password to log in or to create an account'). The screen name you enter will be your username.

I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?
Yes, just go to 'Login'. Here you can ask for a new password by clicking the link 'Forgot your password'. You are asked to fill in your user name and email address. We will automatically send you a new password by email.

Can other visitors see my trophies?
Yes, if other visitors 'click' on your screen name - below your submitted text - they are directed to a screen including your submissions and trophies. In addition, it shows information about the number of your submissions and comments, and how many times they were liked vs. disliked.

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