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How to write a sweet love poem for your girlfriend or boyfriend? How to say ‘I love you’ in a short rhyme? Poetry is a good way to surprise your beloved one. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself through words and lines, that can either rhyme or not. Yet, many people find it hard to come up with their own love poem. Of course, you can simply say something like "I love you so much”, but how much cooler it is to come up with a special poem for your love that shows your inner feelings for him or her.

This website is there to help YOU find and share the best love poems and rhymes. Use this website to find an amazing poem for your love, or post your own verses and rhymes to see how other visitors rate them. You can also use it to get inspired and write your own poem for your special one.

How does it work? Submit your love poem via the "submit" form. We encourage you to submit short as well as long love poems and poems that are meant for girlfriends as well as for boyfriends. They may be either sweet, cute, romantic or funny. By sharing your personal poems on this website, other visitors can learn from your expressions and experiences. If you submit a poem or rhyme, you are asked to indicate the category that your poem belongs to. For example, whether it can be used to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, or whether it is a sweet, romantic or funny poem. Other visitors can vote for it: Do they like or dislike the way you express your love? You can also vote for other poems yourself, or comment on someone else’s love poem. In the end, it's all about understanding what kind of poetry will make your love smile and feel special.

For now, please check out this website. Use it to find amazing poems to say ‘I Love You’ and to strengthen the bond between you and your lover. Send your significant other a sweet or funny love poem by whatsapp, write it down on a card or attach it to a special love gift. Show how much you care about that special someone! Make him or her feel special and loved!

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